10 Interior Design Trends We’re Loving

2021 has brought about a new normal - working from home and spending extended periods of time indoors has affected our design needs and wants. 

Here are some key trends for 2021 that we're loving at the moment!

  • Multipurpose Spaces

A clever use of tiny nooks, storage and small places has become essential as we see the ‘home office’ space become a new must-have in most homes. Ottomans and trunks make excellent storage for files and paperwork, while small alcoves and closets can be fitted with a floor-standing drawer and shelves unit for a tucked away laptop and stationary corner.

  • Bringing the Outside In

Because nature and spending time in the great outdoors generates happiness, finding ways to bring the outside in, has become a huge trend. Using window treatments that allow maximum natural light; fitting bigger windows for better garden views; adding plants and flowers and using rattan and wicker furniture, are all effective ways to feel closer to our natural surroundings.

  • Natural Materials

Being more in tune with our landscape and conserving our wildlife and resources is becoming critically important. Elements such as iron, glass and wood are used extensively, as well as sustainable materials like bamboo and organic fabrics.


10 interior design trends were loving natural


  • Colour

Although neutral colours will always be timeless, clinical white walls are a no-go. Bolder and brighter colours bring a unique elegance and can range from natural blues and greens to fiery tones of yellow through to pink, all soft pastel shades, or even a combination of five or more tones to add intensity and energy.

  • Industrial

This is a massive recent trend which includes rough raw edges and strong bold lines and hues, making for easy maintenance and hardwearing interiors. Large open spaces are also fitted with wireless smart technology, making for a useful and practical space.

  • Minimal

Less is not only more, but better! A far cry from the lavish adornment of the Baroque era, the idea of luxury now means minimalist design and architecture, freeing up space and getting rid of everything unnecessary in order to bring calmness and mental wellbeing.


10 interior design trends were loving minimalist


  • Comfort

These days, it is more important than ever to create a comfortable and cosy ambiance that will make you want to spend more time at home – try soft cushions on benches, indoor hammocks and regulated indoor temperatures.

  • Nude

Another popular indoor choice, nude design is not easily achieved. Including all shades of white, beige and tawny, this toned down subtle approach is understated and exceptionally opulent – think safari colours and desert landscapes.

  • Geometric

Different shapes and forms can create perfect symmetrical structures and optical illusions – most often found in carpeting, tiling and wallpaper.

  • Refurbishing

A very relevant idea in South Africa where beautiful old furniture is found everywhere – reupholstering an old couch in vivid velvet yellow or simply pairing a vintage piece with modern features, creates a sensational mix of old and new.

Although current style trends can be a strong influence, they should ultimately be used as inspiration only. Our homes should ideally be an expression of our own unique experiences and lifestyle, where each piece tells a story and shows personal character and taste.