The Outeniqua Oak Collection

The Outeniqua mountain range stretches across the picturesque Garden Route of South Africa that we call home and forms an integral part of our heritage.

The mountain range links with the Langeberg mountains in the west and the Tsitsikamma mountains in the east, creating a breath taking landscape.

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Our Outeniqua Oak Collection pays homage to these majestic mountains. Each piece is beautifully crafted from a combination of Solid White Oak and Oak Veneer with a natural “Smoke” finish that brings an authentic South African feel to the collection.

The rounded form of the legs and edges, together with the organic cut-out drawer handles are inspired by the gentle slopes and rolling hills, making this collection truly unique.

Outeniqua features a wide range of bedroom and living room furniture with each piece taking its own twist on the mid-century modern styling.

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