Our painted & oiled finishes

Wood is alive! The products used to finish, seal, and treat it should be nourishing to enhance its health and appearance over time.

Our painted finishes are applied via hand-technique or a solid coat. Hand-techniqued finishes include our classic Antique White, cool Island Grey or rustic Hollyhock, and are carefully carried out by our trained team. Our solid coats are applied by our skilled spray gun operator who ensures each piece is receives a uniform layer of paint in the selected colour. Solid coats we offer include our Solid White, Navy Blue and Asphalt Grey.

We prefer using tinted oils over wood stains. The lighter consistency of an oil is healthier for the timber, more easily absorbed, and also leaves a more natural finish. Our range of tinted oils include our beautiful Havanna, Smoke and Mukwa finishes.

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Care and Maintenance

Wood expands and contracts according to climate and humidity and undergoes changes in appearance with time. Because of this, it is super important not to expose your furniture to extreme temperatures from heaters or air conditioners or place it in direct sunlight.

We seal all our pieces with a protective furniture wax to ensure longevity. Our furniture is oiled and waxed approximately a week before dispatch from our factory, however it takes about two weeks before it is fully cured, and so we recommend handling your furniture with extreme care during this time.

It is important to maintain this protective layer through the regular application of a quality furniture oil or wax. We recommend applying this once a month, but it can be stretched out to once every three months.

Furniture is an investment, and through the correct care and maintenance, it will last a life time.

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