The woods we use

We use a range of premium quality solid woods and board materials for our furniture. Each timber material has been intentionally selected to ensure that our furniture is made to the utmost quality and standards, setting it apart from similar furniture on the market.

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Our Timber and Board Material

Natural wood is incredibly unique, displaying variations in grain pattern, colour and knots that enhances the individuality of each piece. Our furniture is crafted from a combination of solid American White Oak and solid American White Ash wood as well as South African Clear Pine and MDF (medium density fibre board, otherwise known as ‘supawood’).

We work closely with local timber merchants who import the Oak and Ash from sustainable timber plantations abroad.

American White Oak wood is one of the most popular and traditional choices for furniture design, loved for its high durability, distinctive grain pattern and natural beauty. American White Ash is a light-coloured hardwood that originates along the East Coast of North America. It too, is used widely in furniture design because of its beautifully smooth grain and unique appearance. It is also renowned for being extremely durable. We use White Oak and Ash across all of our furniture ranges in a variety of finishes.

South African Clear Pine is pale in colour with a pronounced grain. We use Pine extensively for the framework of our furniture as, although it is regarded as a “soft timber”, it has a high weight threshold, thus making it a perfect structural timber that is easy to work with.

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Natural wood is still “alive” long after the tree has been cut down. It is porous and absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, shrinking and swelling according to humidity and temperature change.

This movement in timber must be taken into consideration when designing and constructing a piece of furniture. If this is not taken into account, then troubles may arise such as splits along the grain, open joints or jammed drawers and doors. Over the years, cabinetmakers have worked out ingenious systems to allow for timber movement in solid wood furniture, thus avoiding these issues.

While good quality solid woods are still widely used to make modern-day furniture, man-made materials such as MDF, veneers and other composite boards are being more commonly used, sometimes in combination with the solid woods. The man-made materials are popular due to their favourable properties. They are considered inert and are therefore more stable materials to work with.

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