Our painted & oiled finishes

Wood is alive! The products used to finish, seal, and treat it should be nourishing to enhance its health and appearance over time.

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The woods we use

We use a range of premium quality solid woods and board materials for our furniture. Each timber material has been intentionally selected to ensure that our furniture is made to the utmost quality and standards, setting it apart from similar furniture on the market.

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Striking. Sleek. Elegant.

Native to the arid parts of East Africa, the Oryx antelope is indeed striking and elegant. Its beautiful pale fur and lengthy spear-like horns have long been sought-after and consequently nearly caused the extinction of this rare breed.

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The Background Behind Our Maine Collection

Our elegant Maine pedestal draws its inspiration from the Shaker communities. The Shakers, also known as the United Society of Believers, settled in the region of Maine in the US around 1780, where they established themselves based on the principles of self-sufficiency, community and simple living.

Their ethos of hard work and dedication was the foundation of their livelihoods, and resulted in architecture and furniture pieces that were made with intention. In this way, Shaker-inspired furniture is plain yet elegant by design, rarely having extra detailing, with durability and functionality as the key features.

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Storage for your winter essentials

As winter sets in, having warm blankets at-hand is a must.

Our range of blanket boxes are designed to fit neatly at the bottom of your bed - from a nifty single blanket box for the kids, to a king-sized antique white piece for the master suite. Inside, the box provides ample space to tidily store all of your winter essentials so that blankets for the whole family are easily accessible!

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